simPLAY goes live with the MTV TRAX SIM


MTV is the world’s premier youth entertainment brand. With a global reach into more than a half-billion households, MTV is the cultural home of the millennial generation, music fans and artists, and a pioneer in creating innovative programming for young people.

MTV Trax is a truly differentiated mobile music service, bringing a premium experience to your prepaid users – and bringing new customers to your network.

Music has played an important role for operators to drive loyalty and acquisition, but it has been a struggle to find a workable solution for the prepaid user – the economic and user barriers have been too high.

Being the biggest music brand on the planet, reaching over 800 million+ consumers worldwide, the power of MTV drives demand and customer acquisition across their TV, online and social channels. We reduce the cost and pressures existing services place on operators even further, with our unique, breakthrough pricing and flexible economic models.

The MTV brand has a strong pedigree of operator success, and our incredible influence with Millennials means we open new markets for music amongst your users and can easily pioneer music solutions alone or sit alongside any existing music service you have.
We know most people want to fast track straight to the most popular music on their mobile. In an age of instant everything, MTV Trax delivers the must have music to your device; a friction free experience, updated daily and ready anytime – just press play.

MTV Trax is unlike any other music service in the market, bringing MTV’s trusted brand, a masterful voice for music curation and a shared lifestyle experience through its artist access and insight – driving customer engagement like no other company can.

We are looking for powerful partners to roll out across MTV’s global footprint so if you‘d like to discover how this unique proposition unlocks an ‘unfair‘ market advantage in your territory, get in touch.

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